Who Ensocare Serves

We make transitions of patient care more efficient for hospitals and post-acute providers

At the very center of every software transaction and service at Ensocare is a real patient.

Knowing that the problems solved by Ensocare's software and services have the potential to impact patients  – actual people like our own mothers and fathers, sisters and brothers, friends and coworkers  –  is what drives us at Ensocare.



Ensocare's software solutions allow hospitals, healthcare organizations, post-acute providers, payers, health plans, physicians, patients and family members to have the information and resources needed to optimize care coordination through the entire care continuum — from hospital to home and every stop in between.

Reduce readmissions and length of stay

Helping hospitals and healthcare organizations reduce readmissions and length of stay while improving patient outcomes and patient satisfaction. Learn More

Post-acute providers

Enabling post-acute providers to react promptly to referral requests, prepare in advance for incoming patient needs and maximize occupancy. Learn More

How Ensocare Can Help

Ensocare's enterprise-level technology integrates with major EHR platforms to allow hospitals, health systems, post-acute providers, payers and health plans access to the resources they need to optimize care coordination processes throughout the continuum.

Our software and technology-enabled services help physicians, patients and family members connect via a patient-centric communication platform designed to provide as-needed interventions and maintain patient oversight far beyond hospital discharge.

No matter what setting of care, Ensocare can provided the services and solutions needed to follow patients throughout their continous care journeys.

Efficient and effective transitions of care, needed services to maintain oversight, patient engagement tools and better outcomes for patients.


Looking for care coordination solutions?

Whether you have questions or are ready to see a demo of an Ensocare solution, we are here to help.