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Ensocare Wellplan
Powered by Wellpepper

Digital care plans improve outcomes and lower costs of care, breaking down complex instructions into actionable building blocks and enabling patients to self-manage and achieve better outcomes. 

Enable Patients to Self-Manage and Connect to Care Plans for Chronic/Acute Conditions

The new patient experience is real-time, connected, and extends well beyond the hospital or clinic. It’s personalized to the needs of each patient. It’s focused on outcomes and goals most important to the patient.

It also has to be cost-effective, for both consumers and payers. Providing patients with tools to self-manage with remote support is a key factor in improving the patient experience and ultimately outcomes.




Personalized Digital Treatment Plans

Ensocare Wellplan, powered by Wellpepper, enables the delivery of highly actionable digital treatment plans based on evidence-based protocols and your organization's own best practices. Wellplan provides personalized treatment plans that are easy to understand and follow. Powerful analytics and a simple, engaging platform make the challenge of care plan adherence easier for both patients and providers. 

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Increased patient satisfaction and improved outcomes
financial-savingsLower costs of care through standardization and reduced readmissions
 Increased access to care

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