Transitions of Care

Efficiently match patients with the most appropriate levels and settings of care

Ensocare Transition placement and referral software allows those tasked with moving patients to care settings along the continuum to measurably decrease the time spent on clerical activities, increase the speed at which transfers of care can be achieved and better match patients with the right post-acute care providers, all from one easy-to-use platform. Built in tools to capture patient choice and a convenient mobile app for both hospitals and referring facility providers brings efficiency and convenience to the patient referral process.

Benefits & Features

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How it Works

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Say goodbye to phone tag or standing by the copier and fax machine. Using Ensocare Transition, details about a patient’s clinical needs and personal preferences are entered into the system.

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Let the automated care transition software do the work. With preferences entered into the system, all possible facility matches are returned in seconds for review. 

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At the push of a button, referral requests are transmitted to eligible providers. With a median response time of 30 minutes or less, skilled nursing facilities, rehab facilities, home health agencies or other providers and services respond.

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Post-acute decisions in the hands of the patient

Patient Choice is an additional, no-cost feature of Ensocare Transition. Patients and family members use tablet technology at the bedside to compare facility features and quality ratings, view multimedia presentations for each facility and carefully explore options. Patients are guided to rank their top selections, arrive at a decision and finalize the process, all of which is automatically recorded to verify the patient’s active participation in post-acute care decision-making.

Together, Ensocare Transition and Patient Choice help patients and families make the best informed decisions about which provider to use.

Patient Choice for Hospitals Patient Choice for Post-Acute Providers

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Ensocare’s technology-enabled approach to discharge planning helps hospitals achieve:

  • Seamless and efficient patient hand-offs
  • Minimized readmission risk
  • Increased staff efficiency and streamlined discharge
  • Shorter lengths of stay, especially for hard-to-place patients
  • Greater patient satisfaction

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Ensocare’s Transition solution empowers post-acute care providers to:

  • Connect to thousands of hospitals at no cost
  • Achieve faster, equal access to referrals
  • Improve revenue by filling empty beds
  • Respond to referral requests from anywhere, using Ensocare’s mobile app, Ensocare Respond

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