Ensocare simplifies and streamlines the processes surrounding transitions of care

Ensocare’s leading enterprise-based software answers the need to securely and seamlessly bridge disparate EHR platforms, accommodates the interoperability needed to ensure coordinated care across the continuum and works tirelessly for you behind the scenes so you can focus attention where it is needed most – on your patients.


Most EHR platforms aren’t designed to do the work of care coordination post-discharge. Fortunately, Ensocare is designed with interoperability in mind. Using the foundational base of your EHR investment, Ensocare can provide the next layer of technology to streamline processes, simplify your workflow, help your organization satisfy the latest CMS guidelines for discharge planning as well as many of the necessary elements associated with Meaningful Use.

Ensocare ‘s enterprise architecture allows for uncomplicated integration with most CEHRT platforms.


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Ensocare is offered in a hosted Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) model which means implementation requires a minimum footprint, and a minimum allocation of time and resources. There is no capital expenditure for hardware and there is no software to install. Changes and upgrades are handled with care by Ensocare’s team of experts, which means you don’t have to worry about time-consuming processes or system downtime. The technology is working for you when you need it, in real-time and on demand, backed by live 24/7 customer support.

The only requirements for end users are a computer with an internet browser, and a connection to the internet. In a typical implementation, there is an accompanying outbound HL7/ADT interface created. This ADT interface is used to seed Ensocare with up-to-date patient information that streamlines your clinical workflow. Because the data is only displayed, there are no ICD9/10 conversion issues.

System Architecture

Ensocare’s technology stack was designed to maximize efficiency while ensuring secure and dependable data transactions. Our business depends on it, but more important, so does yours.   

Our systems have been continually monitored and improved to meet the changing needs of the health-care industry and our hospital clients. Ensocare’s platforms are built with an eye to the future where patient outcomes and system efficacies must be proven through analytics and defendable metrics. Ensocare’s technology was designed thoughtfully and collaboratively, is secure and dependable, and is well-equipped to meet the needs of our customers now and well into the future. 

Security & Privacy

The PHI data captured in Ensocare’s system is only visible after strong authentication and is only available using SSL (Secure Socket Layer) technology. Any PHI that is archived is Triple DES encrypted and transmitted over an IPSec VPN.

All PHI is stored in a PCI/DSS/NIST-compliant facilty that is bound by SAS70/SSAE16-compliant procedures with controlled access. In addition, PHI is stored in a network that is separate from externally available components and is not accessible in the absence of strong authentication validation. All PHI data is securely purged from the Ensocare system in accordance with HIPAA standards.

Most EHR systems
are not designed to facilitate transitions of care.

missing-piece.jpgEven if your EHR claims it can handle care coordination activities, you may be surprised to know what it can’t do…

Does your EMR:

  • Monitor and manage the responses to your referrals?
  • Maintain the network to guard against data breach?
  • Provide analytics about referral activities to support MU requirements?
  • Have 24/7 customer service support?

If you have questions about how an automated discharge solution might integrate with your existing EHR, please contact us today: