Ensocare Sync

Care Path Tracking | Risk Stratification | Team Communication

Readmissions weigh heavily on the minds of hospital leaders. In fact, in 2015, 2,592 hospitals were penalized more than $420 million dollars for excess readmissions under the Hospital Readmissions Reduction Program. The problem is much larger than can ever be answered by simply hiring more staff.


The time to start planning for a patient's discharge is at time of admission.

Your organization needs a solution rooted in scalable technology that includes clinical document integration with your existing EMR system. That's where Ensocare can help.

Out of the Hospital,
but Always in Sight

Ensocare provides a configurable and complete care coordination solution that unites all members of a patient's care team, including primary care physicians, care managers, home health nurses, pharmacies and family members. It provides a single-source electronic command center to communicate the care plan, monitor the patient's path after discharge and create updates as needs change.

Using robust technology backed by live 24/7 customer support, Ensocare Sync engages all members of a patient's care plan to reduce the risk of readmission. Sync monitors and automatically sends alerts to appropriate care team members when interventions are needed and when any escalation of care is indicated.

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