Risk Stratification: An essential strategy to reduce readmissions, improve care quality and sustain financial health

CMS is expanding its Readmission Reduction Program, further holding hospitals accountable for limiting acute care visits. With more than 55 million Medicare beneficiaries nationwide whose care costs a total of $600 billion, your facility has a lot at stake. Risk stratification can help. It’s a key strategy that utilizes data and proactive intervention to determine a patient’s risk and then prioritize and deploy appropriate resources, allocating the most high-touch and resource-intensive ones to patients who truly need them.

Download Ensocare’s white paper to learn how risk stratification can help you:

  • Focus on high-risk patients
  • Implement interventions to mitigate risk before it escalates
  • Decrease overall care costs

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Download this white paper to learn 3 ways risk stratification can help you reduce costly Medicare readmission penalties, including key steps such as: 

  • Assessing the culture
  • Assigning a champion
  • Responding to different risk levels