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Monitoring Patients Post-Discharge: A Key Step in Reducing Readmissions

In the past, when hospitals discharged a patient to the next level of care—whether it was to a...Read more.

Cultivating Patient Engagement

It stands to reason that patients who engage in their care after hospital discharge are more likely...Read more.

Hard-to-Discharge is Now History

Although the discharge process is comprised of many moving parts, swiftly and safely transitioning...Read more.

Fostering Transparency

In recent years, the need for better communication and access to information across care settings...Read more.

Strengthening Post-Acute Networks

A strong network of facilities ready to receive a patient and seamlessly continue his or her care...Read more.

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Leveraging Technology to Reduce Hospitals' Growing Financial Risk

The reality of reform is harsh. In 2015, 2,592 hospitals were penalized to the tune of $420 million...Read more.

Best Practices for Managing Narrow Networks

Many health systems are creating a network of post-acute providers that agree to meet quality...Read more.

Hospitals Get Serious with Strategies to Reduce Readmissions

Readmissions are a top concern of hospital executives, and for good reason. In 2014, more than...Read more.

How Demographics Impact Health-care Delivery

As our country gets bigger, older and more diverse, the ever-evolving composition of the population...Read more.

Baby Boomer Caregivers: Need to Protect Their Own Health, Wealth

More than 75 million baby boomers – those born between the years 1946 and 1964 – are planning their...Read more.

No One-size-fits-all Approach to Effective Patient Engagement

The new era of health care focuses on patient engagement as a way to reduce costs. Practically...Read more.

End-of-life Care: A National Conversation

End-of-life care can be a difficult conversation for many people and for many reasons. Patients and...Read more.

The High Cost of Forgoing Advance Directives

Providers who coach patients on advance directives can positively impact health-care costs and...Read more.

Medication Noncompliance: Why Won't Patients Take Their Meds?

When a provider writes a new prescription, a patient should go to the pharmacy to fill it and set a...Read more.

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Patient Engagement, Population Health, Consumerism Top CEO Concerns

Healthcare leaders are focused on the potentially conflicting market forces as rising consumer...Read more.

CMS Proposes Overhaul to Discharge Planning, Requires Follow-up Procedures

Under the proposed rule, hospitals and critical access hospitals are required to develop a...Read more.

Half of Nation's Hospitals Fail Again to Escape Medicare's Readmission Penalties

Once again, the majority of the nation’s hospitals are being penalized by Medicare for having...Read more.

Readmissions Was So Yesterday

Yesterday. No, not a Beatles song. With two-thirds of the nation's hospitals at risk of a Medicare...Read more.

How Cedars-Sinai Made SNFs its Readmissions Reduction Partner

Approximately 20% of Medicare discharges from acute care hospitals are referred to skilled nursing...Read more.

Funding New Care Continuum Partnerships

With numerous payment models and penalties looming, nursing facilities and hospitals have...Read more.

What Hospitals are Doing to Reduce Readmissions in 2015

The New Year is weeks away but healthcare organizations have already resolved to strengthen their...Read more.

10 Recent Articles on Hospital Readmissions

The reduction of hospital readmission rates has been at the forefront of hospital and governmental...Read more.

Readmissions: No Quick Fix to Costly Hospital Challenge

Two recently released studies on costly hospital readmissions of seriously ill, elderly patients...Read more.

CMS: The 2,610 Hospitals Facing Readmission Penalties This Year

Medicare will reduce reimbursements for 2,610 hospitals in fiscal year 2015, and 39 of those...Read more.