Ensocare Respond now enables you to instantly let hospital planners know if you are accepting COVID-19 patients by updating your profile under Facility Management. Please call Ensocare’s 24/7 Customer Support if you need assistance, 877-852-8006.

    Provider Portal

    Track Referral Activity from One Simple Console or While On the Go With our Mobile App

    Ensocare’s engine, Transition, automates the discharge process to quickly place patients in the post-acute care facility best able to meet their clinical and non-clinical referral requirements. For post-acute providers, this means being a part of the nation's only true no-cost post-acute network. It also means having convenient technology to manage referral requests from anywhere using a simple dashboard or our convenient mobile app.

    Ensocare Respond mobile application on iPad

    We also have a Mobile App!

    Manage Referrals from Anywhere with Ensocare Respond

    Post-acute providers can respond to hospital referral requests from virtually anywhere with the use of a smartphone or tablet and Ensocare’s mobile application. Learn More

    Managing Post-acute Patient Referrals Doesn't Get Any Easier

    Providers in Ensocare’s network manage all referral requests and activities using Ensocare Provider Portal. Central intake, historical referral status and refined new features make monitoring and managing referrals even easier. See at a glance which patients have been booked, cancelled, secured arrangements elsewhere or declined. Click deeper to reveal historical transaction activity and manage all referral activity from one simple console.

    Benefits for Post-acute Providers

    • Designed with Central Intake in mind
    • One login – ability to view and manage multiple facilities or referrals
    • Clear visibility of the patient's referral status
    • Insight into the entire referral lifecycle
    • Referral transaction history documented and viewable

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    Questions about Ensocare’s Provider Portal? Contact Ensocare Customer Support at 877-852-8006.