Health Plan & Payer Care Coordination Solutions

Innovative and scalable solutions to enable the efficient delivery and management of healthcare

Value-based healthcare is here. Payment for outcomes includes specific risk for hospitals, plus a need for payers, healthcare organizations and health plan providers to work together in ways they never have before. The new healthcare environment demands a response. Ensocare is here to help.

  • Deliver the appropriate level of care when and where it's needed
  • Identify gaps in care before they lead to adverse outcomes
  • Enable care teams to monitor patients post-discharge and intervene before a rehospitalization occurs
  • Safely transition patients to the appropriate next level of care across the continuum

Ensocare has the scalable technology to help health plans and payers make proactive decisions that optimize care and positively affect their members’ health.

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Software solutions backed by an industry-wide, no-cost post-acute care network and 24/7 customer support to transition patients to the most appropriate next level of care, whether that be a skilled nursing facility, rehabilitation center, hospice or home.

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Ongoing and proactive care coordination helps guide health plan members through the care continuum. Patient educational materials, biometric remote monitoring of key health indicators and connected care team coordination give patients the information and support they need to stay healthy and out of the hospital.

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Robust analytics enable payers and health plans to evaluate the effectiveness of post-acute networks, capture patient outcomes data and make strategic decisions about operational effectiveness and quality.

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