Ensocare Choice for Hospitals

    Hospitals can engage patients in their care transition process and document patient choice using tablet technology at the bedside.

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    Benefits for hospitals and discharge planners include:

    • Seamless

      Integrates seamlessly with your existing Ensocare Transition software and current workflow
    • Saves Time

      Patients are given the information needed to make an informed decision about post-acute care providers.
    • Document Patient Choice

      Patient choice is documented and stored for regulatory purposes.

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    The IMPACT Act of 2014

    In October 2014, the bipartisan "Improving Medicare Post-Acute Care Transformation" (IMPACT) Act became law. The law intends to change and improve Medicare's post-acute care (PAC) services and how they are reported. Hospitals must begin reporting quality measures in October 2016. The first penalties for non-compliance (2 percent) begin in October 2018.

    Key components of the IMPACT Act include the ability to ensure patient choice in post-acute care decisions.

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