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With hand-selected partners who share our vision and mission, we make a real difference

We are open to inquiries from like-minded businesses dedicated to focusing on improving the patient experience. If you are interested in learning more about strategic partnership opportunities, please contact us.

Partner Services

Together with our strategic partners, Ensocare is able to provide services to extend our software solutions. We carefully select partners who not only share our values and mission, but also our desire to make a real difference in improving healthcare. With an eye to industry trends, organizational needs and national initiatives, Ensocare and its partners are uniquely positioned to make a real difference in the way healthcare is managed and delivered—for healthcare organizations, VA hospitals, post-acute facilities, health plans, payers, and all those impacted along the care continuum, we are stronger together.

If you or your organization has a product or service that would fit well with Ensocare’s corporate mindset and goals, we would like to hear from you. Contact us

Strategic partner services

Some of the services we offer along with our strategic partners:

  • Interim Management
  • Workflow Assessments
  • Project Management
  • Classroom Education
  • Webinars
  • Web-based Training
  • Facility Coding
  • Professional Fee Coding
  • ICD-10 and CPT
  • Post-Acute Revenue Cycle Management
  • Financial Analysis


Acuity Link is a comprehensive communications and logistics management platform linking healthcare systems with NEMT providers and ambulance crew members for all care levels and modes of transportation. With Acuity Link’s technology, organizations benefit from instant access to the closest and most suitable transportation resources, reducing patient flow bottlenecks and discharge times while improving patient care and experience. HIPAA-compliant, customizable and easy-to-use, the SaaS solution can be implemented into any healthcare setting to streamline NEMT and patient flow, providing advanced intelligence critical to enhancing healthcare ecosystem efficiencies. This previously unavailable data generates accurate, actionable insights to make better operational and clinical decisions.  Acuity-Link was launched to disrupt inefficiencies in the traditional non-emergency medical transportation and interfacility ambulance communications and logistics management processes. LEARN MORE

Cerner Corp. is an international healthcare information technology corporation that specializes in providing complete systems for hospitals and other medical organizations to manage and integrate all electronic medical records, computerized physician order entry and financial information. Cerner integrated and sells our Care Finder-Pro electronic hospital care transition program within Cerner's Care Management solution.

Cassling has served healthcare facilities since 1984 by bringing advanced medical imaging technology to market and has earned a reputation for excellence based on its commitment to customer service. The company provides a comprehensive range of healthcare-related services to facilities to streamline operations while staying focused on patient care.

CQuence Health Group is the parent company for Ensocare and other companies that share the important mission to strengthen and improve healthcare for all.  CQuence acts as an umbrella organization, providing essential business support services to its partner companies. One of CQuence's primary objectives is to find talented, driven people to join our growing Ensocare team.

GMP is a nationally recognized Service Disabled Veteran Owned contract management firm that is the primary link between top-performing IT, medical and security solution providers and Government buyers. Leveraging year-to-year growth, superior service, and leading technologies, GMP improves Government performance, productivity, and financial stewardship. With 20 years’ experience and $200M of contracting success, GMP simplifies the purchasing process, creating more targeted, streamlined and positive connections between sellers and contracting officers.

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