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Readmissions Was So Yesterday

Yesterday. No, not a Beatles song. With two-thirds of the nation's hospitals at risk of a Medicare pay cut under the Hospital Readmissions Reduction Program, the time to improve post-discharge planning and care coordination was yesterday. Read More

by Tana Phelps in Post-acute Care, Medicare Readmission Penalties, Reducing Readmissions

How Cedars-Sinai Made SNFs its Readmissions Reduction Partner

Approximately 20% of Medicare discharges from acute care hospitals are referred to skilled nursing facilities (SNFs), making coordination protocals with SNFs and other post-acute providers an imperative to avoid readmissions and lower total cost of care. Read More

by Tana Phelps

Funding New Care Continuum Partnerships

With numerous payment models and penalties looming, nursing facilities and hospitals have interlocking incentives to keep patients out of the hospital with access to less expensive home care - if medically feasible. Read More

by Tana Phelps

What Hospitals are Doing to Reduce Readmissions in 2015

The New Year is weeks away but healthcare organizations have already resolved to strengthen their focus on reducing hospital readmissions, which waste at least $26 billion annually. Read More

by Tana Phelps

10 Recent Articles on Hospital Readmissions

The reduction of hospital readmission rates has been at the forefront of hospital and governmental initiatives to improve patient care in the United States for last few decades. Read More

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Readmissions: No Quick Fix to Costly Hospital Challenge

Two recently released studies on costly hospital readmissions of seriously ill, elderly patients draw the same conclusion: Fixing this vexing problem is far from easy. Read More

by Tana Phelps

CMS: The 2,610 Hospitals Facing Readmission Penalties This Year

Medicare will reduce reimbursements for 2,610 hospitals in fiscal year 2015, and 39 of those hospitals face the maximum penalty, according to a Kaiser Health News analysis of federal data. Read More

by Tana Phelps

Medicare Fines 2,610 Hospitals in Third Round of Readmission Penalties

Medicare is fining a record number of hospitals – 2,610 – for having too many patients return within a month for additional treatments. Read More

by Tana Phelps

Toyota is Not Lean

Lean and Six Sigma aren't the answer to improving your hospital. Read More

by Tana Phelps

25 Years of Health IT: 30 Findings on Changing Perspectives

Since 1990, HIMSS has conducted its annual health IT leadership survey, identifying issues and gauging advancements in the field. Read More

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