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Funding New Care Continuum Partnerships

by Tana Phelps on Feb 26, 2015

With numerous payment models and penalties looming, nursing facilities and hospitals have interlocking incentives to keep patients out of the hospital with access to less expensive home care - if medically feasible.

Despite a history that has included relationships at times friendly and beneficial, and at times antagonistic and costly, hospitals and skilled nursing homes are recognizing the need to develop new partnerships to improve care and control costs. View the full article.

Meet the Author

Tana Phelps is senior interactive marketing specialist at CQuence Health Group in Omaha, Neb. Passionate about health care, her marketing experience includes work in diagnostic imaging, concierge medicine, telehealth and cardiology. Tana is a published author, most recently featured in Midwest Medical Edition magazine. She is a member of Nebraska Healthcare Marketers and Public Relations Society of America, and studied journalism, marketing and advertising at the University of Nebraska Lincoln.


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