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VA Officially Signs $10 Billion Cerner EHR Contract

Nearly a year after the initial announcement, Cerner can add another government contract to its belt: The U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs will officially contract with the EHR-giant to overhaul its legacy VistA EHR. The pair made the announcement Thursday night, after a year of speculation over whether the... Read More

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CMS Announces Agency’s First Rural Health Strategy

On May 8th, the Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) released its first Rural Health Strategy which is meant to expand care to Americans who live in rural parts of the United States. CMS estimates 60 million Americans live in rural areas and are more likely to experience disproportionately high poverty... Read More

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Drive to Embrace Consumerism Forcing Change in Health IT Strategies

For the better part of a decade, the drive to adopt health information technology was focused on just that, adopting technology. Now, the push seems to be twofold: actually finding value in the billions spent on health IT and, equally as significant, trying to keep pace with consumer demand. Read More

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Survey Says 80% of Payers Taking Steps to Address Social Determinants of Health

More than eight in 10 payers are integrating social determinants of health into their member programs, according to the 8th annual Industry Pulse survey. Read More

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How 3 Major Challenges Will Shape Healthcare IT in 2018

Healthcare experienced a large degree of uncertainty and fluctuation in 2017, and those challenges will continue to unsettle care delivery into the New Year. Read More

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Components Necessary for Managing High-Risk Populations

Effectively managing the health of populations requires health care organizations to identify opportunities for reducing avoidable costs and use this information to manage the care of people with similar health risks. Read More

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5 payer trends to watch in 2018

Expect insurers to accelerate programs and policies that cut costs and to push for value-based contracting as consumers demand more transparency in healthcare pricing. Read More

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How HIT Can Impact Use of Social Determinants of Health

Insurers and providers increasingly need to adopt social determinants of health to understand and influence predictors of health outcomes, as well as support the use of information technology tools. Read More

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CMS releases preliminary CJR program results: 7 things to know

CMS recently released preliminary results for the Comprehensive Care for Joint Replacement program, which show hospitals earned $37.6 million in reconciliation payments for the program's initial performance year. Read More

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Epic CEO Judy Faulkner is standing behind switch from EHRs to 'CHRs'

You’ve probably heard that Epic Systems CEO Judy Faulkner wants to drop the E from electronic health records and replace it with a C. Read More

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