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Accountable Care Learning Collaborative Issues New Public Tool to Accelerate Provider Readiness

by Ensocare on Oct 7, 2017

Ensocare's Strategic Healthcare Analyst Justine Olsen was a key contributor to the Accountable Care Atlas, the ACLC's latest resource to help the provider community identify and prioritize the care delivery competencies necessary for success under risk-based payment. Read the press release:

Oct. 5, 2017 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ --Today, the Accountable Care Learning Collaborative (ACLC) released the Accountable Care Atlas, the group's latest resource to help the provider community identify and prioritize the care delivery competencies necessary for success under risk-based payment. 

While industry experts agree that value-based payment is the most promising path forward, there is significant uncertainty around how to achieve success under these new models. Not only do providers need to know what changes must be made, they also need help knowing where to begin. Provider organizations must allocate their limited resources in a manner that aligns with their long-term value-based objectives, while increasing their likelihood of short-term success and sustainability.   

"The transition from volume- to value-based payments is inevitable. While many providers are learning how to adapt to this new world, the vast majority don't know how to proceed. The ACLC is providing a forum to collect ideas from the industry and share them broadly," said Mike Leavitt, Co-Chairman, ACLC.

To guide provider leaders in their value-based decision making, the Accountable Care Atlas builds on the previous work of the ACLC by mapping over 160 competencies in context for implementation, providing recommendations for prioritizing these efforts. The Atlas can also be used to help organizations supporting value-oriented providers to know where they can make the greatest difference. "The Atlas creates a framework to help design the education curriculum of health care's future. With it we can project the future workforce needs and prepare them now," says Scott Pulsipher, President of Western Governors University, which houses the ACLC.

The Accountable Care Atlas represents the collaborative efforts of over 70 ACLC members as well as a special committee of provider leaders with significant operational expertise related to payment and delivery transformation.  Said Mark McClellan, MD, Co-Chairman of the ACLC, "This group has taken an impressive first step toward helping the industry systematize the myriad competencies necessary for a provider's path to value. We expect and welcome industry use and feedback to improve and build on this significant and unique resource."

For more information on the Accountable Care Atlas' development and intended use, join the upcoming ACLC webinar on October 11, 2017 at 12 pm ET where Dr. Mark McClellan and two provider leaders will describe how the Atlas can guide organizational change. Register here.

About the Accountable Care Learning Collaborative (ACLC)
The ACLC accelerates the transition to accountable care by identifying what providers need to succeed in value-based payment models. Through collaborative forums, members contribute their understanding and experience in the real world of accountable care implementation. The ACLC is managed by Leavitt Partners, LLC.

About Western Governors University (WGU)
The ACLC is housed at Western Governors University, a leading innovator in health care education. Nonprofit and online, WGU offers more than 60 bachelor's and master's degree programs that are accredited, flexible, and competency based, serving the needs of working adults. Degree programs include nursing, health informatics, business administration, and integrated health care management. WGU prepares future leaders for the world of accountable care.

Contact: Jordana Choucair, senior director of communications, 801.538.5082 or

SOURCE Accountable Care Learning Collaborative (ACLC)

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