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Ensocare partners with qlēr Solutions to integrate care transition technology with healthcare consulting services.

by Jill Reeves, MHA on Apr 15, 2016

qler Solutions(Omaha, NE) Ensocare, a leading provider of technology-enabled care coordination solutions, announced today the addition of qlēr Solutions as a partner to provide hospitals with transitions of care and readmissions consulting. Support from qlēr Solutions includes:

  • Assessment of current case management and transitions of care processes, resources, and tools to identify gaps in the discharge process that could result in avoidable readmissions.
  • Analysis of hospital’s readmission rates by diagnosis, by physician, by discharge day, by receiving next level of care and other variables to identify preventable measures to reduce readmission rates and increase patient satisfaction.
  • Implementation of standardized workflows and tools to monitor all transitions of care, and provide peer-to-peer training required to drive seamless transitions of care.
  • Clinical audit of high-risk patients prior to and after discharge to identify successes or failures in communicating patients’ medical and psychosocial needs.
  • Education to hospital and post-acute physicians and staff.
  • Placement of interim or permanent personnel in critical roles in the transitions process.

Ensocare CEO Wayne Sensor stated, “qlēr Solutions has a deep understanding of the challenges hospitals face in coordinating care and can advise hospitals of the best practical actions for maximum operational performance.” Post implementation, qlēr Solutions will continue to monitor and measure performance compared to baseline metrics captured. Sensor added, “They have an exclusive focus on healthcare from the lenses of experienced clinical leaders that walk in the very shoes of our clients every day.”

Rick Davis, Founder of qlēr Solutions, commented on the newly formed partnership, “It was very attractive to us because Ensocare has harnessed IT in a way that makes transitions of care seamless and fully bridges communication gaps between the hospital and the next level of care, whether that’s a post-acute facility or a home health service provider.  The pairing of Ensocare’s technology with qlēr’s clinical consulting solutions will make a tremendous impact on our clients, and ultimately their patients.”

About qlēr Solutions
qlēr Solutions is a healthcare consulting firm dedicated to delivering clear solutions to the complex problems facing healthcare organizations. What differentiates us?  Our solutions are designed by, and led by, clinicians in the field who use their decades of firsthand clinical experience to create impactful, practical, and executable solutions.  Our ability to speak and listen as colleagues allows us to deeply understand the problem and recommend the best practical solution.  The result?  Measurable, sustainable results delivered efficiently. 

Our clinicians are supported by consultants with the discipline to execute the simplest of programs to the most complex transformation.  For more information, visit

About Ensocare
Ensocare is a cloud-based, Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) solution suite that automates the discharge process, effectively transitions patients between care settings and enables coordinated care across the continuum.  Ensocare’s Transition engine integrates with existing EMR systems to quickly match patients and efficiently transfer clinical care documentation to the post-acute facility best able to meet their individual clinical and psychosocial needs. Ensocare’s Sync and Connect engines engage the patient’s entire care team in anywhere-anytime communication. Up-to-the-moment health data captured via wearables, apps and mobile devices provides continuous monitoring and triggers alerts when risk levels indicate a need for intervention. Easy electronic access to patient education materials and the necessary community resources assure patients and family members have the information needed to manage and succeed post-discharge.  Finally, Ensocare’s Insight engine completes the software suite by capturing and analyzing rich data surrounding patient adherence, patterns of readmissions, provider performance and clinical outcomes. For more information, visit

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Jill Reeves has over 30 years of experience in the healthcare industry and has worked exclusively in the fields of market research, statistical analysis and healthcare interactive/digital marketing. Before joining CQuence Health Group as marketing manager, Jill was director of communications and new media for PRC, a nationwide healthcare market research organization. Jill earned a master's degree in healthcare administration from Bellevue University and a bachelor's degree in education from the University of Nebraska in Kearney. She is a published author and avid student of social media and emerging communication trends.


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