Non-Emergency Medical Transportation (NEMT)

The app that instantly connects you to available patient transport

Powered by Acuity Link, Ensocare NEMT is a comprehensive communications and logistics management platform linking healthcare systems with non-emergency medical transport (NEMT) providers and ambulance crew members for all care levels and modes of transportation.

The Real Cost of Discharge Delays

Discharge bottlenecks are an all too frequent reality for both patients and the hospitals who serve them. Costs of these delays range in severity from minor frustration to critically serious and have the potential to negatively impact both patient satisfaction and outcomes.

In partnership with Acuity Link, Ensocare offers a comprehensive communications and logistics management platform that links hospitals and healthcare institutions with their non-emergency medical transportation (NEMT) providers and ambulance crew members – for all levels of care and transport requirements.



Transportation Issues - Solved

With Ensocare NEMT, powered by Acuity Link, you can address problems relating to medical transportation and patient discharge delays. Reduce delays in waiting for medical transportation that clog patient flow and throughput while eliminating haphazard planning around patient discharge, especially for ASAP requests. Remove bottlenecks caused by missing medical necessity authorization forms and gain visibility into the performance of your medical transportation partners.

Solves NEMT Bottlenecks

Automates the NEMT Request Process
Provides ETA Visibility in Real Time

Reduces Workflow Bottlenecks


Increases Patient and Family Satisfaction

Provides Data, Reporting and Metrics

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