Ensocare Deep Dive Series Part IV: How BPCI Advanced Affects Post-Acute Providers

by Ensocare on Mar 7, 2018

An Ensocare "Deep Dive Series" - Part IV: How BPCI Advanced Affects Post-Acute Providers

Justine Olsen, Ensocare Healthcare Strategy Analyst, shares how BPCI Advanced will affect members of the post-acute provider community.

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I’m Justine Olsen and I’m a Healthcare Strategy Analyst.

One of the other components related to BPCI Advanced that differentiates it from the original BPCI program is its impact on post-acute providers.

Right now, in the current BPCI program, the overwhelming majority of providers participating are post-acute providers. The program has been redesigned a bit for BPCI Advanced and this will impact the ability for these post-acute providers to essentially trigger an episode of care. And so that will greatly limit their ability to participate in the program moving forward.

Post-acute care facilities and organizations that have worked with them on BPCI participation in the past really need to take a look at these differences in how they’re administering BPCI Advanced to determine whether they want to consider participating, because it is vastly different.

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