Ensocare streamlines the care transition process and strengthens your Electronic Health Record (EHR) technology investment

Ensocare’s leading enterprise-based software securely and seamlessly bridges disparate EHR platforms, accommodates the interoperability needed to ensure coordinated care across the continuum and works tirelessly behind the scenes so you can focus attention where it is needed most – on your patients.


Most EHR platforms aren’t designed to do the work of care coordination post-discharge. Fortunately, Ensocare is designed with interoperability in mind. Using the foundation of your EHR system, Ensocare streamlines processes, simplifies your workflow, and helps your organization satisfy the latest CMS guidelines. Ensocare's enterprise architecture allows for uncomplicated integration with most CEHRT platforms.


Ensocare integrations with EHR platforms


Cerner Post Acute Referrals, powered by Ensocare content, is an add-on feature available directly inside of Cerner Acute Case Management. The solution automates the referral process to help case workers and discharge planners quickly identify the most appropriate post-acute setting for their patients and reduce length of stay and the hospital’s financial risk. Learn more


Ensocare integrates seamlessly with Epic EHR environments to automate the discharge and referral process. The solution enables case workers and discharge planners to quickly identify the most appropriate post-acute setting for their patients. Learn more


Ensocare’s integration for Meditech works with the EHR’s custom and on-board systems to streamline workflow and monitor patients throughout the care continuum. Because every Meditech integration is a little different, we offer tested and custom solutions to quickly connect our software to your unique Meditech environment. Contact us about Meditech integration


Ensocare works alongside the legacy platform VistA and allows VHA clinical staff the time to focus on personal interactions with veterans and their families. Our interoperable solution allows VHA administrators to streamline the processes between the complex network of care providers involved in veterans’ healthcare. Learn more

Don’t see your EHR listed? Please tell us about your platform and unique needs. Integrations are our business.

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