Ensocare Insight
Real-time reports to evaluate clinical workflows, discharge referral patterns and post-acute network engagement

Ensocare Insight's powerful on-board healthcare analytics software enables you to monitor trends and outcomes, discover opportunities for improvement and identify ways to actively manage your patients and healthcare network. Insight analyzes post-acute activities to see which facilities are readmitting patients more often and under what conditions so care plans can be adjusted for future patients. By employing these best practices, hospitals can reduce length of stay and prevent readmissions while promoting better outcomes and improving the patient experience.

Custom Reports Available with Ensocare Insight:

  • Visibility into which facilities your planners are booking patients into
  • Ability to select data points for quick and easy filtering
  • Correlation of types of patients accepted by PAC providers
  • Daily reports identifying patients needing placement or services
  • Assessment of provider engagement and referral response rates

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Ensocare Insight provides real-time data and analytic tools to drive strategic decisions and improved outcomes.

Identify opportunities for operational efficiencies

Identify opportunities for operational efficiencies by examining statistics around workflow, referral response times and more.

Key insights and benchmark provider performance

Gain key insights and benchmark provider performance. Identify high-performing providers by specific service lines and monitor provider engagement/responsiveness.

Identify and monitor patterns of data

Identify and monitor patterns of data to better optimize workflows, allocate staff or assign necessary resources.

Ensocare Insight users now have access to an Advanced Reporting Solution that allows data to be visualized and extracted in a number of ways, including by specific planner, facility or date range. Using the free reader functionality from Tableau, Insight users can access their data using Ensocare's Tableau template, which gives the user the ability to select specific or general views of the data. Additional customization of reports is possible for those organizations with Tableau licenses.

How it works:

Simply download the free Tableau Reader desktop application, then access the Tableau functionality from the Advanced Reports tab located directly inside of Ensocare Transition. Note, this feature is currently available only to existing Ensocare Insight users.

Questions? Contact Ensocare Customer Support at 877-852-8006.

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