Care Coordination Tools with Cerner EHR Help Children's National Streamline Discharge

Children with complex conditions need additional time, medical care and rehabilitative services for recovery after hospital discharge. However, unique challenges persist in finding post-acute beds and the appropriate care. Read More

by Ensocare in Healthcare Technology Solutions, Care Coordination Software, Ensocare Transition

Best of Breed vs Legacy Systems: Is One Better than the Other?

The question of whether a healthcare organization should use a best-of-breed approach to health information technology or convert to a fully-integrated solution is a tricky one—and something hospitals and health systems have wrestled with for a long time. As interoperability between systems is crucial, it often... Read More

by Luis Castillo in Care Coordination, Healthcare Technology Solutions

Closing Communication Gaps to Enable Value-driven Care

As patients progress through various care settings on the road to recovery there are often gaps in communication between healthcare providers. Despite the best intentions of care providers, the transition process remains predominantly manual with inefficient phone calls, faxes and the exchange of paper-based records.... Read More

by Luis Castillo in Healthcare Reform, Value-based payment models, Healthcare Technology Solutions

Unlocking Time: Using Technology To Improve Efficiency

Time is a precious commodity in healthcare, and it seems to be dwindling as healthcare staff are asked to take on more responsibilities and sustain high quality care with fewer resources. Yet many care givers spend much of their time on non-value-added tasks such as making phone calls, searching for equipment, and... Read More

by Mary Kay Thalken, RN, MBA in Healthcare IT, Healthcare Technology Solutions

Interoperability progress: How these 16 health systems plan to unlock health care data

Stakeholders commit to halting practice of 'information blocking' 5:00 AM - March 1, 2016 - The Advisory Board Company The Obama administration on Monday announced commitments from various health care stakeholders to help advance the interoperability of electronic health records (EHRs). HHS Secretary Sylvia Mathews... Read More

by Jill Reeves, MHA in EHRs, Healthcare Technology Solutions