Hospital Care Transition Solutions

Spend time where it matters most – with patients

Ensocare Transition securely and seamlessly integrates with EHR platforms to send simultaneous referral packets to multiple qualified post-acute providers – eliminating the manual process of phone and fax. Hospitals can improve staff efficiency, experience response times of 30 minutes or less, and reduce Length of Stay (LOS).

Take Care Transition Planning With You

Care planners don't have to wait by their workstations for incoming referral responses from post-acute providers.

Stay on top of "yes," "no" and "considering" responses from the convenient Ensocare Transition mobile app. Download the app today!


Benefits for Hospital Discharge Planners:

  • Stay on top of referral responses and referral activity while away from a workstation
  • Meets all HIPAA requirements through the app’s secure network
  • Available in the App Store and on Google Play. Just search“Ensocare Transition”

Financial Benefits

Financial benefit of reduced costs

Reduced costs and avoidable days

Unnecessary labor, supply and overhead expense is decreased on those volumes reimbursed at a "case rate" or on a DRG basis, reducing the days of care beyond medical necessity.

Financial Benefit of decreased length of stay

Decreased length of stay

Our clients receive referral responses within a median of 30 minutes. Timely, accurate placements reduce your facility's length of stay by getting discharged patients to the next level of care, faster.

Financial benefit of minimized readmissions

Minimized readmissions

Reporting capabilities within Ensocare allow hospitals to track patient placement and analyze trends and outcomes to reduce readmissions from post-acute care providers.

Financial benefit of revenue fro increased capacity

Revenue from increased or virtual capacity

Improve patient throughput and streamline bed availability to accommodate increased volume. Provide care for more patients who need care.

Clinical Benefits

Accelerated post-acute care placement

Accelerated post-acute placement & discharge

On-demand access to our no-cost, nationwide network of post-acute care providers accelerates referral requests and response times, shortening the time to post-acute placement and hospital discharge.

Post-acute care coordination 

Post-acute care coordination

Our technology enables accurate, accelerated communication between the hospital and post-acute care providers, ensuring patients are discharged to the facility that best fits their needs.

Improved throughput


Timely transfer of patients to post-acute care improves patient flow and ED placement delays. Increased bed capacity allows more patients to receive care and more families to be served.

Increased patient satisfaction

Increased patient satisfaction

Ensocare provides resources to help patients and their families locate and have a choice in selecting providers that meet all their needs, both clinical and personal.


Efficient and effective transitions of care and better outcomes for patients.

VA Hospital

Helping hospitals and healthcare organizations reduce readmissions and LOS. Streamlining throughput for VA hospitals to better serve patients and families.

Post-Acute providers

Enabling post-acute providers to react promptly to referral requests, prepare in advance for incoming patient needs and maximize occupancy.

Health plans and payers

Helping you provide a better patient and staff experience by speeding up and optimizing the process of securing post-acute care.

Let's Address Your Discharge Challenges Together.

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