Hospital Benefits

Ensocare provides hospital clients with a comprehensive care management resource that delivers on-demand access to an industry-leading, nationwide, no-cost network of registered post-acute care providers. The operational impact for our clients has been a significant improvement in financial and clinical performance.


Financial Benefits


Clinical Benefits

  • Reduced operating costs associated with avoidable days:
    Unnecessary labor, supply and overhead expense is decreased on volumes reimbursed on a "case rate" or DRG basis, reducing the days of care beyond medical necessity.
  • Decreased length of stay: 
    Our clients receive referral responses within a median of 30 minutes. Timely, accurate placements reduce your facility's length of stay.
  • Minimized readmissions:
    Reporting capabilities within Ensocare allow hospitals to track patient placement and analyze trends and outcomes to reduce readmissions from post-acute care providers.

  • Revenue enhancement associated with increased or virtual capacity:
    Our solutions improve patient throughput and create virtual capacity, which frees up beds for additional patient admissions.
  • Accelerated post-acute placement:
    Our enabling technology accelerates referral requests and response times, reducing time to post-acute placement and time to discharge.

  • Post-acute care coordination:
    Our technology enables accurate, accelerated communication between the hospital and post-acute care providers, ensuring patients are discharged to the facility that best fits their needs.

  • Reduced time to discharge:
    On-demand access to our industry-leading, nationwide network of post-acute care providers speeds patient placement and reduces time spent on manual processes and unnecessary rework.

  • Improved throughput:
    Timely transfer of patients to post-acute care improves patient flow and ED placement delays.

  • Increased patient satisfaction:
    Ensocare provides resources to help patients and their families locate providers that best meet their needs in their desired locations.