Our Founder’s Story

    With just 72 hours to find a post-acute care facility for a loved one, what would you do?

    That's what Ensocare's founder, Ted Tanase, experienced shortly after his sister, Jeanne, underwent surgery to remove a life-threatening brain tumor.

    During the procedure, the surgeon had to perform a partial lobotomy, which left Jeanne completely unaware that she needed to take medications to prevent seizures. This led to seizures and a stroke that left her in a partially paralyzed state — still without comprehending the need for regular medication.

    Jeanne wasn't ill enough to require further hospitalization, but she still required care in a skilled nursing home. The hospital gave her family just three days to find one.

    Ted, hundreds of miles away, hastily began his quest for information on the Internet, but only found "expanded yellow pages" lists of thousands of nursing homes with little useful information. Books, pamphlets and telephone calls usually resulted in the suggestion to visit home after home with hundreds of checklist items to investigate.

    Ted quickly found that it was impossible to find meaningful information about nursing homes and other eldercare living facilities. Which type of facility was the right kind? Why wasn't there a rating of homes/facilities? What were their costs? Which homes met Jeanne's special needs?

    “We wasted so much time and energy,” Ted said. “And wasted time during this period of high stress was inexcusable.”

    Ted vowed to create a “user-friendly” website so that no one at such a traumatic time would have to go through the frustration, anger and guilt that he and his family felt. His tribulations led to the formation of Total Living Choices (now called Ensocare), which he dedicated to Jeanne.

    “Now this critical information is instantly available to anyone faced with having to decide where to place a loved one,” he said. “You can count on us to help you match the needs of your loved one with the best solutions.”