Blog Series: Five Attributes of Effective Care Management Organizations

If you’re a population health professional (or an aspiring one), chances are you are in the throes of steering your organization’s transition to value-based care—and breaking new ground.


This shift represents a redefinition of care management efforts that smartly scale with segmentations of population needs. Remember when the hospital was once the hub for all community health as well as the focal point for all outpatient services? What a difference a decade of healthcare reform makes!

Today, large-scale IDNs are extending to ambulatory care management and adopting new organizational models. Leaders are implementing new policies and practices to address gaps in care.

Our new five-part blog series aims to outline five attributes of effective care management. These five attributes are the cornerstone of the “Care Management 101: Getting the Most Out of Your Care Management Model” webinar presented by the Advisory Board’s Tomi Ogundimu, MPH, Practice Manager, Research.

Tomi’s blog posts draw from the Advisory Board’s extensive research and use cases chronicling LifeBridge Health, Genesis HealthCare System, the University of Wisconsin Hospital and Clinic, MedStar Franklin Square Medical Center and Gunderson Health System, among others.

I believe every provider and leader in various stages of program redesign in ambulatory care management will benefit from her specialty knowledge, insights and best practices. Over the last four years, Tomi has led more than 30 cross-continuum care management design assessments and helped providers relaunch initiatives that scaled to a care management model matched precisely to their population’s needs.      

As with any busy organization, large-scale redesign may seem like a never-ending process. For those who do pursue this noble undertaking, you and your dedicated care team are assured of a favorable ROI: A healthier post-acute care population receiving the right longitudinal care services at the right time and at the right place.

Luis Castillo, President and CEO, Ensocare