Choice for Hospitals

Engage patients in their care transition process and document patient choice using tablet technology at the bedside.

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Benefits for hospitals and discharge planners include:

  • Seamless

    Integrates seamlessly with your existing Ensocare Transition software and current workflow
  • CMS-Compliant

    Provide relevant, patient-oriented data about your PAC network, helping you stay compliant with the latest updates to Medicare Conditions of Participation
  • Saves Time

    Intuitive tablet-focused workflow helps patients and families quickly make informed decisions about their post-acute care providers.
  • Document Patient Choice

    Patient choice about their PAC facility preference is documented and stored for regulatory purposes.

How Ensocare Choice Works



In October 2014, the bipartisan "Improving Medicare Post-Acute Care Transformation" (IMPACT) Act became law. The law intends to change and improve Medicare's post-acute care (PAC) services and how they are reported. The first penalties for non-compliance (2 percent) began in October 2018.

Key components of the IMPACT Act include the ability to ensure patient choice in post-acute care decisions.

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Medicare Conditions of Participation (CoP)

In late 2019, CMS finalized an additional rule involving the Medicare Conditions of Participation. To remain compliant, hospitals must meet these thresholds:

  • Quality and resource use data is applicable to the patient’s care goals and treatment preferences
  • Data is presented objectively
  • Data on available PAC providers meeting the patient criteria is presented
  • Patients are informed that they have a choice in their PAC selection
  • Patient is allowed to make their PAC selection
  • Interactions up to and including their final selection are documented in the medical record

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