Ensocare Difference

Ensocare (formerly known as Total Living Choices) has a proven history of engaging and activating disparate parties in the care cycle. We excel in automating care coordination, which is demonstrated through our no-cost, nationwide network of post-acute care providers.

For Us, It's Personal

Ensocare offers a complete solution to unite patients, families, hospitals, post-acute care providers and care team members in care coordination. Our advanced technology was conceived as the result of real patient and family challenges with real-life post-acute care situations (see Our Story). Our passion grew into a robust care coordination solution that helps hospitals realize decreased readmission rates, shorter length of stay and most important, better patient outcomes.

From Referral to Response in 30 Minutes or Less

Our solution suite accelerates placement of patients from the hospital to post-acute care, and reduces response times for those post-acute care referrals to about 30 minutes. Our clients also can manage care paths for patients post-discharge to better coordinate care, reduce unplanned readmissions and improve outcomes.

Ensocare Readmissions e-book - Improve Post-Discharge CommunicationAll post-acute care providers can participate in electronic referrals free of charge and can update online profiles anytime a change is necessary. Providers who join our network can receive all referrals from client hospitals in one place and ultimately obtain speedy, equal access to referrals. Ensocare drives the fastest post-acute care provider responses in the industry, with a median response time of less than 30 minutes.

Ensocare - Resources to help engage and educate  patients and families
We combine our nationwide post-acute provider
network with resources to help engage and educate
patients and families
, which helps to involve patients in
their care path and streamline the discharge process.

Integration with an Existing EHR
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Most EHR platforms aren’t designed to do the work of care coordination post-discharge. Fortunately, Ensocare is designed with interoperability in mind. Using the foundational base of your EHR investment, Ensocare can provide the next layer of technology to streamline processes, simplify your workflow, help your organization satisfy the latest CMS guidelines for discharge planning as well as many of the necessary elements associated with Meaningful Use.