Wishing Coleen Seymour One Last ‘Good Morning’ As She Retires From Ensocare

by Marc Costanzo on Aug 16, 2019

Coleen SeymourWhen talking to Ensocare team members about Coleen Seymour, Ensocare Customer Support Specialist, one thing became abundantly clear: as the first one in the office, the enthusiasm she brings to her job and the greetings she gives her coworkers even in the early hours mean the world to the people she works with.

That welcoming attitude from the moment people step through the doors will be missed around the Ensocare offices as Coleen took her well-deserved retirement this July. As Ensocare team members wished Coleen congratulations before she set off on new adventures, many reminisced about what it meant to have such a positive presence as Coleen welcoming them when they entered headquarters.

“It has been a joy working with Coleen,” said Patricia Rodriguez, director of Client Operations (and Coleen’s current supervisor). “As my opener, she is always the first one in the office and helps ensure we have no phone issues and can start the day off right. Her smile will be missed in the office, she was a great team player and she was always willing to assist. Thank you for being part of the customer support team over the last few years.”

"Coleen has always been a very pleasant and polite voice,” said Emery McClendon, customer support specialist. “She always greets everyone with a ‘good morning’ or ‘good afternoon’ as they walk in for the day. Coleen is very confident in her job and does it very well."

“The thing that stands out in my mind the most about Coleen is, if she commits to something, she sees it through to the end,” said Risa Peterson, Coleen’s former supervisor. “I can still picture the look on her face if I stopped a project of hers in the middle. She never liked to leave something unfinished. She was a very loyal employee and an amazing teammate.”

Coleen, Diane and Jessica“Dedicated, dependable and committed to excellent client satisfaction, Coleen is in the center every day before 7:00 AM opening the office, logging into the phones and getting ready to start taking calls from our customers,” said Diane Koraleski, another of Coleen’s former supervisors. “Coleen took great pride in ensuring Ensocare’s client inquiries and needs were addressed and handled. Always striving for excellence, Coleen had perfect customer satisfaction scores on multiple occasions, something to be very proud of. Congratulations on your retirement, Coleen, I wish you all the best!”

That ability to win over clients is something that Lu Castillo, president and CEO of Ensocare, also appreciates.

"How would I describe Coleen?” asked Lu. “I’ll tell you that she’s definitely a team player. In fact, she’s the definition of a team player. Coleen has been great on our customer support team. She’s the first one in in the morning and she gets great remarks from our customers on her ability to communicate clearly and concisely. We’re going to miss her!”

There’s no question that it will be difficult to replace such a wonderful colleague in the Ensocare office, someone who helped shape the day to come for everyone lucky enough to have been in her presence. Her work with customers was certainly exceptional, but it will be her friendliness and welcoming attitude to those around her that will be remembered by everyone for years to come.

“Coleen’s all heart and was a wonderful help for me when I started with the company,” said Heather Hansen, customer support specialist. “Congratulations on your retirement! We're going to miss you Coleen!”

"I have enjoyed working with Coleen,” said Jennifer Castillo, customer support specialist. “She always cares about getting her projects completed on time and done correctly. Coleen does her best to be a team player and it was great being able to work with her."

Coleen Seymour with Customer Support Team"Coleen Seymour has been a friendly face and steady contributor in Ensocare’s call center,” said Jill Reeves, marketing manager. “She can always be counted on to take the best care of our customers and her teammates, and she will be greatly missed when she retires."

"Coleen is such a positive, happy person, and she will be missed very much,” said Chrissy Reynolds, customer support specialist. “I wish her nothing but the best in her retirement!"

Chrissy’s statement is echoed by all of us at Ensocare. Coleen, congratulations on your retirement, and thank you for many years of exceptional service and friendship to the company, to our customers and to your colleagues. You will be missed!

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