Welcome to the New

by Luis Castillo on Jul 31, 2017


Innovative Website Connects You with Post-Acute Care Solutions

Welcome to the new!

If you’ve visited our website before, you’ll notice a few things have changed.

We’ve updated our interface to reflect the same innovation we bring to our line of post-acute care software solutions. No matter where you go on our new website, you’ll find a user-friendly environment that brings you precisely the information you need.

Let me take you on a tour of our new website, the beginning of an exciting new chapter in the Ensocare story.


Solutions at Your Fingertips

First and foremost, our new website connects you immediately to the tools you need most when expanding post-acute care for your healthcare facility.

Under the Solutions tab, you’ll see links that instantly take you to our four unique software solutions:

  • Transition: Streamline the process of finding the right post-acute care facility for your patients. Ensocare’s no-cost, all-inclusive network can reduce referral response times to 30 minutes or less, and patients even have the option to view multimedia presentations at the bedside to actively participate in their post-acute care decisions.
  • Sync: Track your patient’s progress and their adherence to a care plan with Sync. With regular updates on your patients, your clinical burden is reduced and members of the care team can intervene early when you notice inconsistencies with the care plan.
  • Connect: Operating hand in hand with Sync is Connect, empowering patients to take an active role in managing their health and staying out of the hospital. A wearable or Bluetooth-enabled device can monitor and report vital health information back to the care team. Reminders can be set up to provide the patient (and their family) with alerts about missed medications or upcoming appointments.
  • Insight: This application takes all that data you’ve entered in to the other systems and provides detailed analytics.

The new Ensocare website provides detailed information about each of these solutions in a straightforward format. And it doesn’t stop there.


Your Questions, Answered

When redesigning the website, we talked to many of our current customers about what they would have liked to see prior to making their choice to invest in post-acute tech solutions with Ensocare.

Clinical professionals are looking for quick, relevant, to-the-point information about Ensocare’s capabilities. Our customers told us they wanted resources they could share with their payer and post-acute partners, emphasizing the ease of use of Ensocare software solutions.

These discussions gave us some great insights we were able to put into action. They served as a springboard to a total revamp of our portals dedicated to hospitals, post-acute providers and payers. These portals provide step-by-step breakdowns of things like the financial and clinical benefits of Ensocare software, how the Ensocare Patient Choice app can help facilities stand out among prospective patients and how Ensocare can be used to strengthen payers’ ability to optimize care and provide the most value. 

Not surprisingly, many of our customers said they were at first curious to know if Ensocare would “play nice” with their current systems. The answer is emphatically ‘Yes,’ and to get that point across, we now have a resource that explores Ensocare’s seamless integration with EHR systems like Cerner, Epic, Meditech and the Veteran Administration’s VistA application. 


The Knowledge Center

Here’s something I’m really excited about: the Knowledge Center.

This facet of the website provides the latest information about not just Ensocare, but the post-acute care world as a whole.

Right now, for instance, you can find a White Paper detailing the signs to look out for when your hospital is ready for automated discharge, a trend report focused on reducing financial risk via the strategic use of technology, and leadership tips from Susan O’Malley, M.D. We’ll also be updating breaking industry news on a daily or as-needed basis. If you are wondering what is new in the health technology industry, you will find it here.


Looking Ahead

Those are the highlights, but it’s really only the beginning. You can also find out more information about our company’s history, learn about our strategic partnerships with companies like NTT Data and OpenPlacement, and more. Here’s something that I’m particularly proud to share: a new Efficiency Improvement Forecast tool that lets you know the estimated ROI for your Ensocare investment. Check it out and see how your organization can benefit.

I encourage you to explore the new site at your leisure and reach out to us if you have any questions. We’re still looking for ways to optimize your experience. 

After all, optimization is what we do. 

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Meet the Author

Luis Castillo has more than 30 years of experience in healthcare information technology. Prior to joining Ensocare, Castillo served as senior vice president at Siemens Healthcare, where he was in charge of IT sales, service and marketing. He was responsible for developing alternate markets, sales strategies and sales channels in order to grow the healthcare information technology business. Luis’ broad and deep experience has served to hone his leadership skills and business acumen, and he is a sought-after participant in strategic initiatives and global partnership efforts. He earned his Bachelor of Science degree in political science from Haverford College in Haverford, Penn.