Using NEMT to Solve for COVID-Related Obstacles

Hospitals face a wide array of challenges in their quest to take care of COVID-19 patients. And while these difficulties have been covered ad nauseum across all manner of healthcare publications, there’s one topic I haven’t seen covered to such a wide degree. This is despite its impact on patient care, patient... Read More

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Using Transportation to Reduce Patient Readmission Risk

The current crisis has made it more important than ever for hospitals to pay close attention to what happens beyond their four walls. You’re seeing this in conversations surrounding the discharge process, post-acute case management and digital care plans. Hospitals must work to establish a set of appropriate criteria... Read More

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Patient Transport Delays? Technology Holds the Answer

Originally posted on Forbes Technology Council (view original). As healthcare has evolved, the logistics surrounding patient care have gotten exponentially more complicated. That’s partially because, thanks to the evolution of payment schedules that penalize providers if their patients are readmitted 30, 60 or even 90... Read More

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Luis Castillo Discusses Medical Transportation on HealthcareNOW

Recorded live in Orlando at HIMSS 2019, Ensocare CEO Luis Castillo sat down with Roberta Mullin of HealthcareNOW Radio to talk about Ensocare’s place in health IT and how healthcare organizations can use software and automation to reduce delays stemming from medical transportation. Read More

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