Ensocare Expands Care Coordination Solutions with Wearable Technology

Sync and Connect Provide Hi-Tech Options to Engage an Entire Care Team We live in an age of Smart devices. Between cellphones, fitness trackers and portable gaming systems, many adults and children have no less than two or even three internet-equipped devices on them at all times. Our refrigerators and microwaves can... Read More

by Jill Reeves, MHA in Healthcare Technology Solutions, Mobile Technology

Hospitals Ignore the Millennial Workforce at Their Own Peril

With millennials blanketing the workforce and Generation Z right around the corner, hospitals have a choice: accommodate the needs of the younger generation or miss out on the best and brightest minds in the healthcare industry. Loyalty in healthcare isn’t what it used to be. As a matter of fact, loyalty isn’t what it... Read More

by Luis Castillo in Hospital Culture, Healthcare Technology Solutions

How to Work at the Top of Your License

A lot has been said about the concept of “automating healthcare.” As in any situation where progress butts up against age-old practice and tradition, change doesn’t always come easy. Yet the pace at which innovation and technology impact healthcare delivery can no longer be ignored, and most of us wouldn’t want to. Read More

by Mary Kay Thalken, RN, MBA in Healthcare Technology Solutions

Population Health Management: Breaking Down the Population

The following content has been reposted with permission from our channel partner, Pursuit Healthcare Advisors (view original). Population Health Management (PHM)…three simple words, yet so much complexity. This blog will be the first of three to focus on the concept of PHM by looking at each element... Read More

by Mary Sirois in Care Transitions, Healthcare Technology Solutions, Mobile Technology

Binge Faxing: Healthcare’s Secret Addiction

Before we begin, I’d like to ask everyone under the age of 30 to do something for me, and if you don’t fit that category, then ask a younger coworker for their assistance to do the following. Send a fax. In most industries, and in most places around the United States, the expected and most reasonable reaction to such... Read More

by Luis Castillo in Care Transitions, Healthcare Technology Solutions, Mobile Technology

Welcome to the New

Innovative Website Connects You with Post-Acute Care Solutions Welcome to the new! If you’ve visited our website before, you’ll notice a few things have changed. We’ve updated our interface to reflect the same innovation we bring to our line of post-acute care software solutions. No matter where you go on... Read More

by Luis Castillo in Ensocare News, Care Coordination Software, Healthcare Technology Solutions

Technology Lessons from ACMA

From my own experience, I know first-hand that tracking patients post-discharge is an incredible challenge given the sheer size and scope of the effort. Hospitals release hundreds of patients each day, and communicating with them can be challenging. Many hospitals have begun to focus on those patients who are at... Read More

by Mary Kay Thalken, RN, MBA in Healthcare IT, Healthcare Technology Solutions

Monitoring Patients Post-Discharge: A Key Step in Reducing Readmissions

In the past, when hospitals discharged a patient to the next level of care—whether it was to a post-acute facility or directly home—they stopped monitoring the patient’s treatment, condition and outcomes—sending the individual to their next destination and moving on to the next patient in crisis. However, times have... Read More

by Jill Reeves, MHA in Healthcare IT, Healthcare Technology Solutions

Realizing Optimal Outcomes in Care Transitions

June 13, 2016 - Health System Management Strategies that Aim to Facilitate Communication and Reliability Moving between care settings can be a risky proposition for patients. When transitions are poor, patients may experience delays in treatment, a lapse in care continuity and the omission of vital therapies.... Read More

by Wayne Sensor in Care Coordination, Healthcare Technology Solutions

Using Technology-enabled Care Coordination to Boost Quality Outcomes

June 6, 2016 - Becker's Hospital Review "Improve quality, optimize efficiency and reduce costs" is a mantra that healthcare organizations all over the country repeat as they aim to navigate new payment models on leaner budgets. To turn these goals into reality, forward-thinking hospitals and health systems are... Read More

by Kyle Salem, Ph.D. in Healthcare IT, Healthcare Technology Solutions