We Owe It to Patients to Eliminate Faxing: Here’s How to Get Started

Cable television is obsolete. VHS and cassette tapes are novelty throwbacks to a different time. Most kids couldn’t tell you what a landline is. Yet, for all that, healthcare still relies on the fax machine, a similarly dated tech artifact, as a critical part of the transmission of information. This needs to end.... Read More

by Luis Castillo in EHRs, blog, COVID-19

Three Ways Healthcare Can Get Its Interoperability Act Together

What were you doing in 2006? That’s when the American Health Information Management Association published an article on interoperability and noted that “Healthcare’s hottest topic finally has two things it has badly needed: plain language and a sense of urgency.” Ten years later and surely millions of pages of plain... Read More

by Patrick Yee in Healthcare IT, EHRs, Interoperability

Interoperability Helps—But is it Enough?

During a keynote address during the HIMMS 2016 Conference and Exhibition, HHS Secretary Sylvia Burwell announced a broad industry initiative to improve health data interoperability, information sharing and patient engagement. Heavy hitters that have taken the pledge include HHS, Epic and Cerner. Read More

by Kyle Salem, Ph.D. in Healthcare IT, EHRs

EHRs Don't Go Far Enough: It's Time to Put the Whole Patient into the Equation

Many believed the electronic health record (EHR) would be the panacea to managing patient medical information. While these systems have many merits, the extent of data sharing capability necessary to ensure continuity of care isn't among them. In fact, EHRs were never designed with interoperability in mind. So, what... Read More

by Kyle Salem, Ph.D. in Care Coordination, EHRs