Population Health Management: Breaking Down the Population

The following content has been reposted with permission from our channel partner, Pursuit Healthcare Advisors (view original). Population Health Management (PHM)…three simple words, yet so much complexity. This blog will be the first of three to focus on the concept of PHM by looking at each element... Read More

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Binge Faxing: Healthcare’s Secret Addiction

Before we begin, I’d like to ask everyone under the age of 30 to do something for me, and if you don’t fit that category, then ask a younger coworker for their assistance to do the following. Send a fax. In most industries, and in most places around the United States, the expected and most reasonable reaction to such... Read More

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How to Improve Patients’ Post-Acute Transition Experience

The patient experience is the bedrock of any healthcare practice. It's the cornerstone of loyalty. Quality experiences are what keep patients coming back. Read More

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New App Makes Electronic Care Plan Tracking Possible

GPS for Post-Acute Care? Sync and Connect Reshape Patient Interactions Imagine taking off on a cross country road trip with your destination in mind. Now imagine not conducting research to figure out what routes you need to take to get there or how long you’ll need to be on the road. Read More

by Mary Kay Thalken, RN, MBA in Post-acute Care, Care Transitions, Care Planning

Hard-to-Discharge is Now History

Although the discharge process is comprised of many moving parts, swiftly and safely transitioning patients out of the hospital does not have to be hard. Using robust care coordination technology, hospitals can seamlessly discharge patients—even the ones that are typically more difficult to transition. Read More

by Jill Reeves, MHA in Post-acute Care, Care Transitions

Ushering in the Next Generation of Care Coordination

The extent of a hospital’s reach is changing. As the industry shifts towards value-based care, hospitals and health systems must think beyond its walls and work to coordinate care across the continuum, so patients can smoothly transition to the next care setting—until they ultimately return to wellness. Until now,... Read More

by Kyle Salem, Ph.D. in Care Coordination, Care Transitions

Elevating Communication During Care Transitions

I'd like to share an article by Dr. Mark Kestner at Community Regional Medical Center, an Ensocare hospital client. June 20, 2016 - Health System Management The Effects of Consistent, Reliable Care Transitions on Clinical Care and Financial Outcomes Care transitions—especially those that involve moving a patient from... Read More

by Mary Kay Thalken, RN, MBA in Care Coordination, Care Transitions

Empowering Patients to Engage and Follow Care Plans Post Discharge

As health care has evolved, the patient’s role in following his or her care plan after discharge has increased, and hospitals need to find ways to help patients help themselves. According to The Advisory Board Company’s Annual Health Care CEO Survey, 45 percent of hospital executives are interested in identifying... Read More

by Mary Kay Thalken, RN, MBA in Care Transitions, Patient and Family Engagement, Patient Outcomes

Leveraging Technology to Reduce Hospitals’ Growing Financial Risk

The reality of reform is harsh. In 2015, 2,592 hospitals were penalized to the tune of $420 million dollars for patient readmissions. To attack the readmission challenges that hospitals face, you must first understand and solve the discharge challenges. The point at which the patient transitions from the hospital to... Read More

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Part II: Four Steps to Maintain Patient Engagement after Discharge

Editor’s Note: This is the second of a two-part blog series. Read the first blog here. In my blog last week, I talked about the fact that engaging patients in their care is essential to care quality, increasing patient satisfaction and achieving positive patient outcomes. Read More

by Mary Kay Thalken, RN, MBA in Post-acute Care, Care Coordination, Care Transitions, Patient and Family Engagement, Patient Satisfaction