The State of Interoperability In Healthcare

Even as the healthcare information technology (IT) field has made strides to facilitate cooperation between EHRs (electronic health records), it’s become abundantly clear that we still have a way to go to achieve anything approaching complete and total interoperability. Read More

by Luis Castillo in Healthcare Technology Solutions, Care Coordination Software, Interoperability

Health IT Is On FHIR: Fast Healthcare Interoperability Resources For Beginners

The health IT industry has been buzzing about FHIR (or fast healthcare interoperability resources -- pronounced “fire”) since it was introduced by Health Level Seven (HL7) as a proposed interoperability standard. HL7 is a not-for-profit organization that has been developing ANSI-accredited standards for hospital... Read More

by Luis Castillo in Healthcare Technology Solutions, Care Coordination Software, Interoperability

What the 'Hospital at Home' Model Means for Care Planning

We thought it would be appropriate to turn our attention to a new care model that has the potential to revolutionize medical care and that many hospitals are already resolving to look into a little more deeply. I’m talking about the Hospital at Home® care model. Read More

by Luis Castillo in Care Coordination Software, Care Planning

Role of the Case Manager in 2020…And Beyond

Healthcare is changing, and the changes brought about by legislative reform, payment restructuring and technology will touch every facet of the field. For people like me, I find this to be a very exciting time to be working in healthcare. Read More

by Mary Kay Thalken, RN, MBA in Care Coordination Software, Case Management

Making Hospital Discharge More Patient Friendly

In recent years, improving the patient experience has been a prime focus for many healthcare organizations. Not only is this necessary to boost HCAHPS scores, perform well on MACRA metrics and meet other regulatory requirements, it is also essential when trying to expand market share, preserve patient loyalty and... Read More

by Mary Kay Thalken, RN, MBA in Patient Satisfaction, Care Coordination Software

Five Things To Look Out For When Selecting Care Coordination Software

It used to be that interventions were the cornerstone of acute care. A patient would arrive at a hospital with a medical problem and the healthcare providers in that location – nurses, doctors and ancillary staff – would respond to the patient’s needs and provide treatment. After the individual received care, they... Read More

by Luis Castillo in Healthcare Technology Solutions, Care Coordination Software, Mobile Technology

Post-Acute Transition Strategy in an Era of Uncertainty

An inside look at how discharge teams can be a driving force in helping health systems achieve value-based care objectives. Read More

by Justine Olsen in Care Transitions, Patient Outcomes, Care Coordination Software

Welcome to the New

Innovative Website Connects You with Post-Acute Care Solutions Welcome to the new! If you’ve visited our website before, you’ll notice a few things have changed. We’ve updated our interface to reflect the same innovation we bring to our line of post-acute care software solutions. No matter where you go on... Read More

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Streamlining Workflow

With the propagation of electronic health records (EHRs) and other technology-enabled solutions, healthcare organizations often use an array of systems to support their various clinical and administrative functions. Even when these disparate solutions are capable of “talking” with one another, they frequently have... Read More

by Jill Reeves, MHA in Care Coordination Software

Three Strategies for Improving Care Coordination

As hospitals and health systems increasingly take responsibility for patient outcomes post discharge, they are realizing the need for better care coordination after patients leave the hospital. Although there are many ways to take care coordination to the next level, here are three actions that are especially... Read More

by Jill Reeves, MHA in Care Coordination, Care Coordination Software