Connected Medical Devices: Embracing Healthcare's Next Big Thing

Various industries have found ways to leverage the power of technology in recent years, yet the healthcare industry has struggled to address the complex integration of disparate systems. Read More

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Ensocare Transition - How It Works

Watch the video to learn how Ensocare Transition can improve the post-acute discharge experience for both patients and providers. Read More

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What We Know About Value-Based Care Under MACRA, MIPS and APMs

Post-Acute Provider Networks Will Be Key Focus for Physicians Under Value-Based Reimbursement “All alternative payment models and payment reforms that seek to deliver better care at lower cost share a common pathway for success: providers must make fundamental changes in their day-to-day operations that improve the... Read More

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Virtual Health – Coordinating Care In The Future

Digital products like Alexa and Siri “learn” a person’s favorite restaurants, music and retail stores and make recommendations on different eateries to visit, items to buy or events to attend. These tools can also perform simple tasks, such as turning on lights, locking doors, adding to a running list of needed... Read More

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Creating a Championship Season for Your Patient Transition Team

My fellow Nebraskans and I jumped from our seats and cheered as our team scored the winning point for the national championship. Nebraska women’s volleyball team had lost three of its top players from the prior year and wasn’t expected to make it to the top. Yet here they were. Read More

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What the 'Hospital at Home' Model Means for Care Planning

It’s still the first month of the new year, so it’s not too late to make resolutions for what’s ahead in 2018. We thought it’d be appropriate to turn our attention this week to a new care model that has the potential to revolutionize medical care and that many hospitals are already resolving to look into a little more... Read More

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Five Steps To Greater Cybersecurity In Healthcare Organizations

It is universally acknowledged that frequent hand washing can prevent the spread of infections – and yet, there are health care workers who don’t wash their hands. The use of motorcycle helmets can dramatically reduce the chances of head trauma during accidents, but over 25% of people don’t wear one while riding. This... Read More

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Role of the Case Manager in 2020…And Beyond

Healthcare is changing, and the changes brought about by legislative reform, payment restructuring and technology will touch every facet of the field. For people like me, I find this to be a very exciting time to be working in healthcare. Read More

by Mary Kay Thalken, RN, MBA in Care Coordination Software, Case Management

Making Hospital Discharge More Patient Friendly

In recent years, improving the patient experience has been a prime focus for many healthcare organizations. Not only is this necessary to boost HCAHPS scores, perform well on MACRA metrics and meet other regulatory requirements, it is also essential when trying to expand market share, preserve patient loyalty and... Read More

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Five Things To Look Out For When Selecting Care Coordination Software

It used to be that interventions were the cornerstone of acute care. A patient would arrive at a hospital with a medical problem and the healthcare providers in that location – nurses, doctors and ancillary staff – would respond to the patient’s needs and provide treatment. After the individual received care, they... Read More

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