New Feature Lets Users Instantly See if a PAC Provider Accepts COVID-19 Patients

by Karen Underwood on Apr 17, 2020

Checking Patient Acceptance StatusThe Ensocare Transition software that case managers and nurses use to quickly and seamlessly place patients in a post-acute setting now contains a feature that will let you instantly see whether or not a post-acute provider is accepting COVID-19 patients.

This feature is available now for all Ensocare Transition users.

We’ve heard from multiple users how important it is to quickly and efficiently graduate patients to the next level of care during this pandemic, when bed space is at a premium and it’s imperative to reduce length of stay once a patient is on the path to recovery. As such, users certainly can’t afford to spend time reaching out to every post-acute care facility in their network to determine their COVID-19 case acceptance policy, especially if that status changes regularly based on capacity and clinical capabilities.

That’s why we’ve prioritized this feature and have rolled it out as quickly as possible to our entire userbase at no additional cost or need to opt in.

If you are a current hospital-side Ensocare Transition user, you should already be able to see this new feature at work. When scrolling through your list of post-acute care providers, those that have verified their acceptance of COVID-19 patients will have a symbol next to their name noting that status.

Please note that the lack of a COVID-19 acceptance symbol doesn’t necessarily mean that the facility in question is not accepting patients. It could also mean that the post-acute care provider hasn’t yet denoted whether or not they are accepting COVID-19 patients. If you’re a hospital user and have not received verification that a facility is accepting patients, you might consider asking the PAC about their current policy and requesting they update their status accordingly in their own Ensocare portal. PAC providers can also call Ensocare’s Customer Support Team to set the status for them.

We also ask all post-acute providers that use Ensocare to log in to their portal and toggle whether or not they are accepting COVID-19 patients. This feature is set to automatically default to “Not Accepting COVID-19 Cases,” as we don’t want hospitals to be given a list of prospective facilities only to not be able to actually send recovering coronavirus patients to those facilities.

Therefore, if you are a PAC user and are able to accept COVID-19 patients, please log in to the portal and note your acceptance. If you need assistance with this, please contact our Customer Support Team.

This feature is currently live, and the Ensocare team will continue to monitor its usage and respond as necessary to the needs of the healthcare community. If you are a current customer, either a PAC user or a hospital user, and have any questions about the new COVID-19 feature or suggestions on how to improve our product during this pandemic, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Finally, if you’re not a current customer but have a need to rapidly communicate with PACs for the successful discharge of patients, COVID-19 and otherwise, please reach out and let us know how we can help you during this unprecedented time.

We are also continually updating our COVID-19 Knowledge Center with the latest resources and information for case managers and discharge specialists. Head there now for information on self-care, discharge criteria, speeding up communication and more.

Visit the COVID-19 Knowledge Center

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