Jessica Finds Success by Saying ‘Yes’ to Challenges And Charity Work

by Marc Costanzo on Sep 13, 2018

37895488_1463400660427838_8472234470701793280_oJessica Miller’s journey at Ensocare has been defined by her willingness to say ‘Yes’ to most every opportunity that comes her way. And that positive attitude has paid off handsomely for customers.

It started before she even arrived at Ensocare, when she interviewed at Cassling, one of our partner companies that specializes in providing medical imaging equipment to hospitals. The position she was interviewing for was reconfigured, and Jessica thought she was out of luck. But executives liked Jessica’s expertise and positive attitude so much that they decided they had to find a place for her.

That’s how she wound up saying ‘Yes’ to a position on the Ensocare Customer Support team, and that same positive attitude and a willingness to tackle any and all challenges have now led her to a position as a Business Analyst for the Engineering team.

As Ensocare itself looks to the future, Jessica talks about some of the exciting challenges of her new position, her love of charity and wellness and what it means to work at a company like Ensocare.


When she started, Jessica’s position on the Customer Support Team gave her the chance to interact every day with the people who use Ensocare Transition, our post-acute discharge tool. She helped them work through any potential issues that may have arisen, troubleshooting software, resetting passwords and generally making sure that our users were getting the absolute most out of the Ensocare software product.

Her team took notice. It wasn’t long before Jessica found herself transitioning to the role of Network Implementation Coordinator. As new clients brought the Ensocare software online at their facilities, it was Jessica’s duty to ensure a smooth transition to, well, Transition!

“When we get new clients,” said Jessica, “I made sure that the projects were all assigned to the customer support team, sent out weekly updates to the team, let them know how we’re doing, and tracked all of that information.”

Jessica proved exceptional in her role, so it made sense that she would embark upon a transition of her own. Thanks to the encouragement of her coworkers and family, Jessica decided to pursue a new role that would bring her problem-solving skills to the fore. As Business Analyst, Jessica is now responsible for fielding requests to improve the Ensocare product line and translating those queries into actionable steps.

“It is so awesome to have an idea and then watch it become reality,” said Jessica. “One thing right now that we’re working on, for example, is we have a huge fax cost that we need to come up with a way to reduce. My job is to come up with the requirements. We’ve come up with ideas and a high-level estimate of how long it will take to accomplish.”

Reducing faxing is one of the big pushes of the entirety of healthcare, particularly in light of CMS Administrator Seema Verma’s recent call to eliminate the archaic technology as part of a greater push toward interoperability. This is a challenge Ensocare does not take lightly, and we’ve been working to streamline the patient discharge experience in order to be a part of the solution. Still, faxing is commonplace in healthcare even to this day, and part of Jessica and the team’s objective is to reach the remaining holdouts, an opportunity Jessica relishes.

“It’s really cool seeing our ideas happen and evolve. Everyone on the team has their own input and thoughts.”

IMG_2299More Than a Job

It’s not just the opportunity to work creatively on a team of engineers and problem-solvers that makes Ensocare the right fit for Jessica. She also appreciates the effort the company puts into charity and wellness-related causes.

Jessica is a part of the CQ Cares committee, a mix of employees from Ensocare, Cassling and CQuence Health Group, our overarching parent company that brings together persons from across the healthcare spectrum into one like-minded organization that supports patient care.

Events for CQ Cares run the gamut, from food and supply drives to 5Ks and more. And Jessica has said ‘Yes’ to participating in just about everything.

“One year I sorted school supplies. When you’re there with all of these other people volunteering, and there were kids there too, it makes it fun. I’ve done bell ringing [for the Salvation Army] too, which is always nice because you’re going with coworkers. We also just recently went down to the Food Bank and sorted through boxes of food.”

In particular, Jessica appreciates the opportunity to take part in wellness-related events that intersect with CQ Cares. By now, you shouldn’t be surprised to hear that it all started with someone asking her to help out and Jessica immediately replying with ‘Yes.’

“One of my friends’ moms was diagnosed with Leukemia and she asked me to do a half marathon with her to raise money and awareness. I said ‘yes’ not knowing what that meant, and before I knew it I was running 13 miles in San Francisco. So that was my first anything pretty much. Ever since, I’ve been working out, training, doing different things like that. I try to keep something in the future to keep working toward, otherwise it’s really easy to fall off.”

IMG_2323Not long ago, Jessica was involved in raising awareness and money for the St. Baldrick’s Foundation. As with so many other things at Ensocare, she dove in headfirst (quite literally, in this case).

“We were raising money to help with childhood cancer research,” said Jessica. “So I shaved my head!”

“Not everybody in the other building knew that that was happening. I think some of them thought I was sick when I walked in, which prompted a lot of questions. Which was actually great, because then I could talk about it and tell them about the organization.”

For Jessica, getting to be a part of these events is an opportunity not just to give back to the community, but to educate herself and others to the plight happening out of sight even in our own neighborhoods.

“You really see the truth of things that are going on. I feel naïve a lot of times and very blind to everything. You don’t realize how many homeless people there are, how many people need food, so it’s just really cool to be involved and help with that.”

A Culture of Caring

It’s not surprising to hear, then, that what Jessica appreciates most about Ensocare is a culture that encourages growth, charity and overall wellbeing.

“I came from a huge company before I started here,” she said. “I’ve never even met the CEO there, you know what I mean? And here, it’s more like a family. Everyone knows everybody. Everyone cares. Everyone is involved, they’re constantly looking for new ways to make things healthier, better, and more efficient.”

It’s clear that Jessica is a critical part of driving that culture. No matter what challenges that arise, we have no doubt she’ll be ready to say ‘Yes’ to improve things in healthcare and the community.

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