Home Again, Home Again — The Last Step in Recovery

by Jill Reeves, MHA on Jun 15, 2017

Helen's Journey: Part III



It’s an exciting day for Helen! After being in the hospital for surgery and spending time recovering in a post-acute facility, she is now ready to go home. Although thrilled with the prospect of returning to familiar comforts—especially sleeping in her own bed—she and her family are a little uneasy. What if she has trouble adjusting? What if there are questions or concerns? What if her condition worsens?

The hospital and post-acute organization assure Helen and her family that even though she will be home, Helen’s care providers will continue to use the digital command center they established when she was discharged from the hospital. Through technology, her providers will connect with each other, as well as Helen and her family, about her new care plan and be able to monitor Helen’s progress. Helen’s primary care physician, home health nurse and local pharmacist connect to her care plan using command center as well, so they can easily share information, ask questions and discuss options.

Using that new tablet she got for her birthday, Helen can login from home and find easily-accessible educational materials about her condition and view steps that she can take to help her follow her medication regimen. It even includes some information on healthy snack alternatives, so she won’t fall back into the habit of eating too many chocolate chip cookies. Helen is also sent home with a Bluetooth-enabled blood pressure monitor and scale that link directly to the command center, allowing her vitals to be monitored remotely and shared with all members of the care team. 

Once Helen is home and settled, she sends a note to her care team, via the digital command center, thanking them for making her transition easy and stress-free. Since the tool is user-friendly, Helen is confident she will be able to convey any questions or concerns as they arise. Her primary care provider reaches out to suggest she come in for a follow-up appointment, and she schedules one right away using the tablet. Helen can see all of the upcoming appointments and care reminders using a calendar inside the application, including the one she just scheduled.

All in all, the transition from the hospital to the post-acute facility and ultimately home has been positive, full of prompt and compassionate communication. Going forward, Helen and her family know that should anything deviate from her care path trajectory, her care team will be notified and intervene to get things back on track, giving peace of mind to all involved as she continues down the road to recovery.  


And, lucky for Helen, her home health nurse found a great recipe for sugar-free chocolate chip cookies. The next time Helen logs in to check messages on her tablet, she’ll find that waiting for her. We’re glad you’re home, Helen.

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