Ensocare CEO Advises Tech Students: Choose Healthcare IT [VIDEO]

by Jill Reeves, MHA on Jul 20, 2018

“Saving a patient’s life…that’s pretty cool.”

In this short video, Ensocare President and CEO Luis Castillo shares his advice for students who are interested in entering the IT field.

Although brief, Lu’s words offer a wealth of insight for the next generation of aspiring IT professionals. As he explains, Lu recently had an opportunity to speak to a group of high school students. With Fortnite experiencing sky-high levels of popularity and videogames becoming ubiquitous across Smartphones and consoles, it should come as no surprise that the students he talked to expressed a high level of interest for entering the gaming industry.

There’s certainly nothing wrong with going into the tech industry with that kind of goal in mind, but as Lu makes clear, there are a lot of rewarding IT careers to explore that don’t involve battle royales or crushing candy.

Consider for a moment the ability to save patients’ lives through creating health IT solutions. As Lu says, “that’s pretty cool.”

Ultimately, that’s what the healthcare IT field is designed to do. We’re a team composed of programmers, analysts, project managers and others, all in support of an IT structure that ensures healthcare runs smoothly and efficiently. If healthcare were Overwatch, we would be Mercy, bolstering the rest of the team so that the entire endeavor operates efficiently (if you don’t understand that reference, ask your kids; I assure you it’s spot-on).

Working in healthcare IT provides the opportunity to create and modify software programs that will directly impact patient care. A patient may not think about the interlaced series of digital ecosystems that all have to work in sync in order to guarantee an EHR is functioning perfectly. But that doesn’t mean those systems aren’t there, requiring constant maintenance, oversight and improvement to keep up with the demands of healthcare professionals and patients who rely on them.

The solutions we’ve created at Ensocare have improved the patient experience by speeding up the post-acute discharge process, helping providers and case managers keep in regular touch with discharged patients, and uncovering data-driven insights that will ultimately shape policy discussions now and into the future.

Our IT team makes all of this possible, and we don’t take lightly the fact that hospitals and clinics rely on us to protect their patients’ health and health data. In this way, coders, programmers, systems engineers and other IT specialists can have a profound impact on the wellbeing of patients across the country.

Designing a videogame? Yeah, that’s pretty cool. But saving a patient’s life? That’s even cooler.

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