A Fond Farewell to One of Ensocare’s Originals: Sherry Pickett

by Ensocare on Jun 10, 2019

Sherry-Pickett-RetirementWhen Ensocare relocated its headquarters to Omaha, Nebraska in 2012, Sherry Pickett was among the original four people hired. Since then, she has provided the very best of service to Ensocare’s customers. In a short seven years, Sherry progressed from Customer Support Specialist level I to level II and also took on the responsibility of daily quality assurance monitoring for inbound and outbound calls made by the entire team. Her supervisors, past and present, all agree that she has been an incredible asset to the team and will definitely leave a lasting impression when she retires.

“Sherry has an unrelenting perseverance about herself,” said Risa Peterson, Sherry’s first manager at Ensocare. “She owns her position, gets through the challenges, and always finds a way to come out on top. No one works harder than her. Additionally, she is truly dedicated to her peers and their development. She genuinely wants everyone around her to do better.”

“Sherry was a delight to work with,” said Diane Koraleski, another former manager of Sherry’s. “Her strong understanding of the company’s values and vision, along with her attention to detail and top-notch customer service skills, demonstrated her passion every day. She always ensured that Ensocare's clients were taken care of.”

Sherry’s current manager, Patricia Rodriguez, Director of Client Operations, couldn’t agree more.

“Sherry is a great team player and will definitely be missed! She was always willing to go the extra mile for not only our customers but her peers. We appreciate all her hard work and dedication to the Ensocare team over the last few years and wish her the best in her retirement.”

When asking for feedback on Sherry’s time at Ensocare, one particular story consistently came up in discussion.

“One of our strategic partners originally recognized us because of Sherry,” said Lu Castillo, president and CEO of Ensocare. “A routine call from Sherry to one of our providers made such an impression that the provider’s parent company took note of it and contacted us. That led to discussions where now they have become one of our strategic partners and we are rolling out our Ensocare solution across all of their hospitals.”Sherry-Pickett-Ensocare-Web

Over the years, Sherry has clearly made a meaningful impact on our customers. She’s also been a source of encouragement and inspiration for her co-workers.

“Sherry will for sure be missed for her hard work and quick wit,” said Lexi Holt, Technical Customer Support Specialist II.

“I have worked with Sherry for over six years,“ said Coleen Seymour, Customer Support Specialist. “Sherry is caring and would do anything for you. She is the sweetest person I know. She is a loyal employee and friend and I am going to miss her terribly!”

“I have only worked with Sherry for the two and half years I have been here,” said Chrissy Reynolds, “but she is one of the first people that I met when I started at Ensocare. I was also the last person Sherry trained when she was a trainer. Sherry is so patient and always has a smile on her face and a great attitude. I will miss her so much and wish her nothing but good luck in retirement.”

“Sherry is the sweetest, most helpful individual I have ever had the pleasure to work with, and she will be truly missed,” said Danielle Rivers, Customer Support Specialist. “Her wicked sense of humor and sweet demeanor truly make her one of a kind and impossible to replace.”

“Sherry is an amazing customer service representative and a genuinely nice person,” said Marti Chauvin, Senior Implementation Coordinator.

Jennifer Castillo, Customer Support Specialist II, shared that, “Sherry is so thoughtful towards her coworkers and is never less than helpful and friendly. She has coordinated birthdays, anniversaries and other noteworthy days for the entire team. When she asks you about your weekend, she waits for a response and remembers details for later conversations and check-ins. She will be missed, but I’m so glad that she gets to spend more time with her family.”

"The one thing I always noticed about Sherry was that she created her own sunshine where ever she went. No matter the situation, she stayed positive and gave it her best,” said Jamisha Crawford, Customer Support Specialist.

As a member of the original crew, Sherry Pickett was truly instrumental in setting up Ensocare’s call center. She leaves behind a legacy of unquestionable passion for serving Ensocare’s customers and uplifting her co-workers. We are thankful for all that she has done and wish her the best.

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