About Ensocare

For us, it’s personal

Can you imagine having only 72 hours to find a post-acute care facility for someone you love? Where would you even begin?

That’s what our founder faced more than 30 years ago, when he managed an overwhelming situation by turning adversity into action. It's really how our unique care coordination software originated. We have grown into a robust, end-to-end care coordination solution serving thousands of healthcare organizations, VA hospitals, health plans, payers and post-acute care providers. At the center of it all—patients and their families.

What We Do

From physicians to case managers, pharmacists to family members, everyone involved in a patient’s care plan has the same goal: to provide exceptional care and promote quality outcomes. We are passionate about uniting patients, families and healthcare organizations to guide patients to the right level of care—leveraging industry-leading technology to manage a patient’s recovery and avoid preventable hospital readmissions.

Through scalable, enabling technology and 24/7 customer service, we work with a hospital's existing resources to help them handle the complex care coordination system.

Enso - Japanese circle - the meaning of Ensocare

Meaning of Ensocare

“Enso” is Japanese for “circle.” Often drawn in calligraphy, enso is strongly associated with a peaceful state of mind, allowing energy and good thoughts to come forward. The calligraphy circle is incorporated into the “o” in the Ensocare logo in honor of our founder’s Japanese heritage.

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