About the Meaning of Ensocare

Ted Tanase started our company to build the nation's best consumer-focused resource for families and patients who are researching post-acute care options. We excel at engaging and activating patients and their families and give them a voice in their post-acute care planning.

"Enso" is Japanese for "circle." Often drawn in calligraphy, enso is strongly associated with a peaceful state of mind, allowing energy and good thoughts to come forward. The enso calligraphy circle is incorporated into the "o" in the Ensocare logo, in honor of Ted's heritage as third-generation Japanese.  Learn more about the origins of Ensocare.

Our Passionfour-steps-to-maintain-patient-engagement-after-discharge-ensocare

Ensocare unites patients, families and healthcare organizations in getting patients the right care at the right time. Our solutions are targeted to increase efficiency and coordination of care for patients both before and after discharge. Our strength is in engaging and activating patients through a robust post-acute care provider network enabled by unique technology and proactive services.

Through our industry-leading, economical combination of technology and 24/7 customer service, we work with a hospital's existing resources to help them handle the complex care coordination system. Implementing our solutions can translate into financial benefits of millions of dollars for many healthcare organizations.