Free e-book: 4 Steps to Maintain Communication after Discharge

If you’re like most acute providers, patient and family engagement can be tough once a patient is “out of sight” and beyond your hospital’s walls. It’s not easy to communicate with unmotivated patients and you may feel relatively disconnected from post-acute providers. With increased readmission penalty rates, it’s time you put a strategy in place to facilitate meaningful interactions with patients post discharge and encourage their adherence to their care plan.

Download this e-book for practical tips to:

  • Facilitate patient-provider communication
  • Continue patient oversight
  • Ensure patients follow their care plans

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Read the 4 steps hospitals can follow to facilitate communication and ensure patients follow their care plans, including:

  1. Help patient/family understand the diagnosis
  2. Ensure patient/family are committed to the care plan
  3. Keep patient/family actively involved in care transitions
  4. Leverage technology to continue patient oversight