Making Care
Transitions More Efficient

With Ensocare, automate every step of the patient care transition process to increase efficiency and improve patient satisfaction.

How We Can Help

Ensocare provides hospitals and post-acute care providers software and proactive support to manage patient transitions of care, improve efficiency in the referral management process and streamline communication between healthcare organizations. Backed by live, 24/7 customer support and tapping into the nation’s largest no-cost post-acute care network, we’ll help you lower costs, enhance patient satisfaction and increase profitability by automating workflows and eliminating inefficient systems.


Reduce Referral Response Time

It’s never been more important to place patients in post-acute care quickly. Our software, which integrates seamlessly with leading EHR vendors, can reduce referral response times from 36 hours to as little as 30 minutes.


Remove Tedious Clerical Work

Is administrative work making your organization less efficient? We can help you remove 25 hours of clerical time each week. With our software, a licensed discharge planner spends less than 5 hours per week on clerical tasks related to patient referrals, allowing more top-of-license work and improving care while saving you money.


Cut Down on Length of Stay

Cut down on avoidable days and reduce the risk of readmission by locating and placing patients in the proper care setting. This allows you to more efficiently fill beds and reduce exposure and risk for your patients.

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Our Care Solutions

From hospitals to post-acute care providers, we offer solutions to help your organization improve throughput, cut costs and deliver patient satisfaction.

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With one easy-to-use platform, hospitals can better match patients with the right care provider by sending referral requests at the push of a button. Speed up referral times and efficiently connect patients with the proper post-acute care when and where they need it.

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Discharge bottlenecks cause frustration, avoidable days and even negative patient outcomes. Our comprehensive communications and logistics management software connects healthcare organizations with non-emergency medical transportation to schedule pick-up and drop-off, reduce transportation barriers and provide real-time data to your team.

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Social Determinants of Health

When a patient is discharged, their care needs don’t simply disappear. Our easy-to-use social determinants of health software lets hospital users and community service providers track your patient’s progress and schedule referrals to community service organizations.

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Choice for Hospitals

Engage patients with their care transition process right from the bedside. Ensocare Choice integrates seamlessly with Ensocare software and workflows, allowing patients to review post-acute providers so they can make informed decisions, all while helping you document Patient Choice and meet Conditions of Participation (CoP).

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Choice for Post-Acute Providers

Showcase your facility with an online profile that includes CMS ratings, images, video, bed availability, testimonials, and other amenities. Boost patient engagement and increase acquisition by showcasing what you have to offer.

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